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Paphos Attractions


Paphos (which is also sometimes spelled “Pafos”) is a town located on the western coast of Cyprus. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, with relics of the neolithic period having been found in the area, as well as ruins and artifacts from classical, Byzantine, Medieval and more modern periods. Today however Paphos is principally known as a vacation destination. It tends to be especially popular with British tourists, but people from other European countries, and indeed from around the whole world, come to Paphos to enjoy their vacations.

When you visit Paphos, as well as the fine weather and water activities, there are quite a number of places to visit and things to see in the area. These include:

* Paphos Harbour – This is a pedestrianized area with many good restaurants and a number of tourist shops. Small boats can be seen, and some are available for hire or trips. The most notable landmark is Paphos Castle, which is historic stone fortress, and is definitely worth a visit.

* Coral Bay – This is a tourist area a few miles to the North of the town. There are a number of hotels, shops and tourist restaurants at Coral Bay, but the location is most noted for its fine sandy beach (many other nearby beaches are rocky).

* Tombs of the Kings – This is a historic burial site containing stone tombs that was built during pre-Christian times.

* Rock of Aphrodite – This is the location where the goddess Aphrodite was supposedly born from the sea. It is also known as “Petra Tou Romiou” (which means “Rock of the Greek”), as another legend says that the large rock at the location was thrown by Digenis Acritas, a local Christian hero, to stop invading Saracen ships. The Rock of Aphrodite is not actually in Paphos, but rather can be found on the road from Paphos to Limassol.


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