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Top Most Tourist Attractions

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Accra is one of the most exciting and lively city of Ghana. Most of the travelers to Ghana arrive at Accra International Airport for it to be the largest and busiest airport of the country. It is also the gateway to the country. The reason for millions of visitors coming to the city is area attractions that are popular among visitors of all ages and all types. Visitors take flights to Accra for its University, country’s largest airport, historical museums, exotic beaches and much more. Some of the most important highlights of the area are;

Osu Castle: The history of this monument dates back to 16th century. This is the site that has been visited by many foreign rulers and officials. The evidence of its importance is that many International dignitaries including; Gerhard Schroder (German Chancellor) and Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon (U.S. Presidents) took cheap flights to Accra and paid a visit to this place. This is not only serving as the Government seat but is also the most visited tourist’s attraction of the city. Osu Castle has its distinct importance for being the house of the first president of Ghana.

National Museum: Established in 1957, National Museum is one of the oldest museums in the country. The museum has its significant importance for being home to a wide collection of Ghana’s historical treasures and some local craftsmanship. Cheap Accra flights takers take keen interest in the arts displays of local pottery, lamps, drums, and metalwork in the museum.

Independence Square: This is a historical square that is built at the place were three men shot by the army when they wanted to show their grievances to the Governor. This is one of the highest points of the city from where one can see the grand Gulf of Guinea. Visitors taking Accra flights come to this place in large number and the place has the capacity to accommodate 30,000 people.

The National Art Center: Visitors from all parts of the world come to National Arts Center and like to buy different artifacts from here including; masks, beadworks, wood carvings and embroidered clothes. For being the selling point of African arts work National Arts Center is serving as a marketplace. It is also the place where people come to buy a collection of rare and exotic things. Visitors take cheap flights to Accra from UK and other parts of the globe to get an idea of the African arts work.


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