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Things to See on Your Holidays in the Maldives


A paradise marked by the vibrant hues of sun and sea is what entices people to visit the Maldives. Draped in the cultural, monumental and folk splendour, the recreational options of the Maldives leave you spell-bound along with its panoramic views and natural beauty.

This place is ideal for people who would love to spend some time in a tranquil environment amidst nature and away from the bustles of the urban way of life.

Though there are innumerable tourist attractions that entice people from all over the world to come here, there are a few of these that are must sees while on holiday in the Maldives.

Male is the Commercial hub and capital city of the Maldives, it has various places that cannot be missed, the foremost being the National Museum located in Sultans Park. A perfect exhibition of statues, palanquins, printing press and thrones that were employed by the former sultans has been cherished since long ago here.

The rich culture of The Maldives is showcased here as the items from colonial and pre-colonial era on display in the museum reflecting the grandeur of the place. Apart from this, there is also the Islamic centre and Grand Friday mosque that captivate the tourists.

Known for its magnificent sightseeing locations, Fuamulaku is a somewhat famous tourist spot in the Maldives. The alluring farms that are abundant in vegetables and fruits are a unique feature of Fuamulaku.

Oranges, mangoes and pineapples are grown in fields that are exceptionally fertile. These farms are situated outside the tourist zone, and it is important for visitors to have a feasible reason and a permit to visit Fuamulaku.

Kudahuvadhoo is a great diving spot here in the Maldives, this is another must see location. Mysterious mounds known as hawittas are actually the ruins of various Buddhist temples that endow a spiritual meaning to the place.

The rarest and finest masonry can be witnessed at the old mosque that surpasses even the most famous of works of the world such as in Inca Wall in Peru. Situated few miles from the airport, a well-equipped diving school is also a plus-point that distinguishes Kudahuvadhoo from other islands.

Seenu Atoll, also known by the name of Addu Atoll is quite a popular destination among the divers who visit the Maldives. The mesmerizing crystal clear blue waters of the sea leave them stunned with its thrill and exuberance.

Umarus Plave, Kuda Hohola, and Kuda Kandu Corner are the main diving sites here. For travelers who are eager for more adventure they can take the route towards Muduka and Makunda. The sea here is renowned for its marine life that includes animals like lobsters, green turtles, manta ray and eagle ray.

Naifaru is a perfect holiday spot to be visited with the family, it forms a part of the Lhaviyani Atoll. Apart from the varied scenery, sandy mountains, sandy beaches, the beautiful sea view offers a peaceful and relaxing environment to all of its visitors and makes it an ideal family holiday destination. Many families return to this country year after year.


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