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Idyllic Island Holidays in Mauritius

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The Republic of Mauritius is a tropical island situated in the warm Indian Ocean, 2 000 km off the coast of Africa. With more than 145 km’s of pristine golden beaches, gorgeous lagoons, mountains and tropical forests all surrounded by the third largest coral reef in the world it is no wonder Mauritius is considered the perfect holiday destination.

There are so many things to do and see and so many gorgeous places to stay [] whilst in Mauritius you’re going to wish you had booked a lengthier sojourn.

Deep Sea Fishing

If you are interested in deep sea fishing you will be delighted by the bountiful ocean waters surrounding the exquisite island paradise of Mauritius. Although big game fishing is always excellent in Mauritius, anglers will want to visit between October and April for the very best opportunities. Mauritius holds several international and African fishing records, including that of the mako shark of 506.8 kg’s, the blue shark of 181.8 kg’s, a white tuna of 101.8 kg’s and blue marlins of 615.9 kg’s. Tuna, wahoo, sailfish, bonito, shark, marlin and barracuda are but some of the species you will encounter on your Mauritian deep sea adventure. There are several boat operators who will take you out for a full day of spectacular scenery, awesome on board atmosphere and some of the finest deep sea fishing you will ever experience.


Mauritius is a real melting pot of cultures, religions and ancestral ties and the local cuisine has been influenced by each of these factors. Dining in Mauritius is a gastronomic delight that allows you to experience flavours from each corner of the globe. Mauritian menus are an eclectic mix of Asian, Indian, Chinese, French and Creole influenced dishes. During your idyllic island holiday in Mauritius you should attempt to experience as many of the dishes as possible. From the curries and bryanis to the rougailles and seafood delights – the aromas and flavours of Mauritius will not disappoint.

Golf in Mauritius

Mauritius, with its magnificent vistas and variety of courses, is a haven for golfing enthusiasts. Most of the islands 10 courses are attached to hotels and are either reserved exclusively for the hotel residents, residents in the neighbouring or sister hotels or open to the public.

Situated in Vacoas, the Gymkhana Club is the oldest golf course in Mauritius and while it lacks certain of the more modern courses complexities it is beautifully maintained and open to members as well as visitors to the island. Designed by world renowned golfer, Bernhard Langer the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Course is one of the most stunning courses in the world. Situated on its own tropical islet each of the 18 holes are sea facing. Apart form being the most beautiful course in Mauritius, it is also one of the most challenging; but the gorgeous views, immaculate greens and great facilities make it a favourite amongst golfing enthusiasts. Designed by South African champion Hugh Baiocchi, the 18-hole Legend Golf course, is another of the islands golfing hotspots not to be missed. There are 10 superior courses in Mauritius and golfing enthusiasts will have a ball trying their hand at each and every one. Choose from the Maritim, Shandrani and Paradis Hotel Golf Courses, the Heritage Golf & Spa Resort, the Links Golf Course and the Trou aux Biches Golf course.

Marine Life

Mauritius is as gorgeous off land as it is on. The ocean surrounding the idyllic holiday spot is teeming with exotic marine life. To experience sights like tropical fish and weaving eels and some of the oceans most magnificent coral beds all you will need is a pair of flippers and a snorkel. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience this magical underwater kingdom is by submarine. A submarine tour operator on the island will introduce you to the beautiful and mystic world of shipwrecks and life under water. An absolute treat is the Under Sea Walk during which you can experience the thrill of walking on the sea bed, in absolute safety.

Some Tourist Attractions

The Jardin Botanique de Pamplemousses (Jewel of the crown) gardens are internationally renowned amongst naturalists for the sheer number of indigenous and exotic plants species. The Bird Garden of Casela is home to 140 bird species from throughout the world. The gardens main attraction is the Mauritian Pink Pigeon, one of the rarest birds in the world and one which is fighting to avoid extinction. The Aquarium is another of the Mauritian hotspots, home to over 200 species of fish, invertebrates, corals and sponges visitors who are weary of going under the water will be able to view their world on dry land. The Vanille Crocodile & Tortoise Park is another of Mauritius’ eco attractions and is not to be missed.

The Tamarin Falls are undoubtedly one of the islands major attractions. Although difficult to reach the gorgeous series of seven waterfalls is definitely worth the trip.

The Waterpark; with loads of fun water activities and fantastic restaurants, is a hit amongst young old. There are also a range of sublime beaches, museums, monuments, shopping centres, restaurants and pubs scattered across the island.

Apart from the magnificent beauty, the eclectic mix of cultures, attractions and tastes are what draw holidaymakers to Mauritius. There is no better way to spend a holiday than on an island paradise.


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